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Free Salt Adhesives with 100 Salt Bricks

Free Salt Adhesives with 100 Salt Bricks

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550 lbs


Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

How do we ship?

If you need 30-35 Days Delivery, then we will ship you direct from factory in Pakistan.

But 2-3 Days Delivery option will make you able to ship from our showroom in USA.

Himalayan Salt Bricks are very special product to build Himalayan Salt Wall. So this special product needs a special glue that is Salt Adhesive. We developed it after a long research. It does not react with NaCl formula. Salt Adhesive helps to connect Himalayan Salt Bricks with each other. 

As we are offering wholesale Himalayan Salt Bricks we are glad to introduce this Himalayan Salt Glue at wholesale prices. This pack of wholesale salt adhesive are good for you to build salt wall.

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