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Himalayan Salt Adhesive

Himalayan Salt Adhesive

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Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

How do we ship?

If you need 30-35 Days Delivery, then we will ship you direct from factory in Pakistan.

But 2-3 Days Delivery option will make you able to ship from our showroom in USA.

This is a remarkable item. We are introducing it after long research. We develop this Salt Adhesive particularly for the Himalayan Pink Salt. The major purpose behind this advancement is to make an adhesive that glue the salt bricks to build a salt wall without any mess. With the utilization of this salt glue, you can fabricate your own customize salt wall. This extraordinary and a unique custom-made sealant is adequate for Himalayan Salt Bricks. This Salt Adhesive joins the Himalayan salt bricks very strongly. Assuming that you utilize regular or common glue, it can react with salt and result in the backlight will not have the option to pass through the blocks. This Transparent Salt Adhesive will let the light pass and will give an extremely wonderful look to the Himalayan Salt Wall. Its transparency makes it preferable and unique for Himalayan Salt Wall.

The method for utilizing this glue is so simple and easy. The salt adhesive comes in the liquid for in the cartridge. Utilize a glue gun to pull it out then glue it on the salt brick and afterward join this brick with other salt brick. Let it to dry for a few hours and then you will see that bricks cannot separate. This extraordinary salt adhesive will act and dry generally quicker than ordinary glues. Be cautious while utilizing it and keep it away from Children. It can bother the eyes, kindly use it cautiously. However, there will be no synthetic prompt incidental effects on the Himalayan salt bricks. It is just for Himalayan Pink Salt for this reason you can utilize it to fix or repair other Himalayan Salt items. Particularly it is great to fix broken salt lamps.

This cartridge has 300ml salt adhesive which becomes useable with a glue gun for 30 salt bricks. You can utilize it to stick salt granules on the wall. We just give salt adhesive, excluding the glue gun. This cartridge weighs 0.86 pounds. To give convenience to our clients we give a FREE SHIPPING offer to this unique and ideal salt adhesive.

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