What is Salt Adhesive?

What is Salt Adhesive?

Builders, Constructors and other people are now looking for such a product that can glue Himalayan Pink Salt. We received many queries that how to join Himalayan Salt Bricks to build a Salt Wall. And some ask that how to repair our broken salt lamp. Now, we would like to solve such problems of our clients. Here in this article we would discuss about a product which can be use for Himalayan Pink Salt. We researched for many months and performed many experiments. At the end we came to this remarkable and unique formula that simply outperforms material in working with Himalayan Salt. This specifically developed that can join Himalayan Salt Blocks together and can repair other salt items. This is big achievement for Himalayan Salt world.
This question was repeatedly asked from us:

Can You Glue Himalayan Salt?

The answer is Yes, we specially developed this adhesive that can easily glue Himalayan Salt. We ensure that this will work proficiently and you would be really very glad with your purchase.

What is Salt Adhesive?

Salt Adhesive is special glue for Himalayan Salt. We solely developed for Himalayan Salt building purposes. It can work with practically no wreck and additional additives. A totally user friendly formula that has given an ease to everyone. Salt Adhesive will repair and fix broken salt products and will help to build a Himalayan Salt Wall, Salt Room, broad salt stylistic theme, and significantly more.

Himalayan Salt Adhesive is transparent, that will give a fantastic look to your salt project. Its solvent liquid shape material glue supports the users when they construct their own Himalayan Salt Projects. An important thing is to have NaCl safe formula, and this is. This will intensively. The strengths of salt adhesive like shear strength, tensile strength, and peel strength are really very good. The time to dry is less than other regular glue. This really works faster than other glue. It comes in cartridge of 300ml and with a nozzle which give an ease to apply. Simply people can use a glue gun to apply it on any salt product. Our development of this salt adhesive has opened multiple opportunities for the users in Himalayan Salt.
Now we will see its core characteristics and properties which make it unique from other regular glue.

Positive Points:
  • It is in a cartridge tube and contains a liquid of about 300ml. Its package includes a nozzle.
  • One tube is good to apply on at least 30 to 35 Himalayan Salt Bricks of standard size.
  • This is compatible for wood and plexiglass. Means you can glue the Himalayan Salt Bricks with plexiglass or wood using this adhesive.
  • The salt adhesive doesn’t leave no marks when it dried up.
  • It has NaCl safe formula and that works efficiently.
  • It works and dried relatively faster.
  • Its transparency in color is the uniqueness.
  • This will easily work in heated Saunas even at temperatures of up to 58° C.
  • It has no any pungent smell like common glues.
  • It can give a lifetime guarantee to Himalayan salt as it makes the broken products new again.
  • This Himalayan Salt Adhesive doesn’t have any chemical-induced side effects.
  • It is extremely affordable option to build a Himalayan Salt Wall or room using this special salt glue. As compared to use any other material for Himalayan salt.
  • It is a perfect and unique item to build a therapeutic salt wall, Salt Room, Salt chambers at homes and offices for meditation and therapy sessions.

Himalayan Salt Wall:

No doubt, this special salt adhesive has opened multiple opportunities for the Himalayan salt lovers. Like building therapeutic salt room, building salt wall designs, doing extensive salt décor, repairing broken Himalayan salt products, and others. However, one of its most practical utilization is building Himalayan Salt Wall at homes and offices. It has made easy because there is no need for an experienced person who can construct your salt wall. It has made it easy to build a salt wall with no wreck even and relatively faster.

Himalayan Salt Adhesive for Salt Bricks Wall - Salt Adhesive

You can build Himalayan Salt Wall with this salt adhesive and salt bricks for giving countless health benefits. It has been proved that to improve overall respiratory system and sleep patterns, refreshes skin, fights off various allergies, and soothes the mind, Himalayan Salt Wall is a good option. The salty air of the room purifies the air of the surroundings and makes it healthy to meditate in.


Do not apply salt adhesive on moisture salt surfaces as it doesn’t work under wet conditions. Try to avoid to apply in humid conditions or check the indoor humidity beforehand. It must be at least below 65%.

Use salt adhesive to make customized salt wall projects on your own and have a feeling of accomplishment. If you are going to think to expand your business with salt, our salt adhesive will help you in building a salty environment with perfect décor.

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